About us

Judith has worked and lived in various parts of the world including Europe and Australia. in 1998 she decided to settle in the United Kingdom. Passionate about photography for the best part of her live, she decided in 2006 to further develop her career as a fine art photographer by starting a masters degree in photography that she has completed in March 2009.

She equally feels at home in the studio as on the street. Her preference of portraying people in their natural surroundings has taken her from Germany and Brighton beach to South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The result is a striking collection of images that show the cultural diversity of our world. It portrays man, woman and child; the young, the middle aged and the old. The people portrayed are as diverse as the cultures they come from.

Her project 'Absorbed' is a series of constructed images that examine the notion of 'absorption'. Inspired by Chardin's 18th century genre paintings of subjects engaged in everyday activities she juxtaposes the depiction of absorption in the 21st century with its representation in the 19th century.

From 2010 onwards she started to venture into landscape photography. Her ongoing series 'Beach' is an homage to Hiroshi Sugimoto's 'Seascapes' series. Judith' landscape are the opposite to her portrait images in that she tries to portrait the land devoid of people or other beings.